Returnal Has A Release Date

During this year’s Game Awards Housemarque’s rogue-like space shooter received a new trailer with the release date. Housemarque’s first AAA game is set to be released on March 19th. 2021 for the PS5. You can watch the Game Awards 2020 trailer below. Only time will tell how this game will do and if it leads… Read More Returnal Has A Release Date

Monthly PS Plus Games December 2020

This month’s free games with a PlayStation Plus subscription are three PS4 games. The first game Avalanche Studios developer and Square Enix published open-world explosive game that has impressive weather effects Just Cause 4 originally launched in 2018. The second game is Team 17 developed and published Worms Rumble. This is a 3D Worms game… Read More Monthly PS Plus Games December 2020

PS5 Is Now Out Worldwide!

Today the November 19th PS5 launches here in Europe and the rest of the world that wasn’t includes last week’s launch on 12th. Now we can celebrate because nobody no longer waits because of Sony’s artifical later date in Europe. Yes, we actually critisze Sony little bit here for such a decision in this day… Read More PS5 Is Now Out Worldwide!

First Look At Dirt 5 On PS5

The official PlayStation channel uploaded the first look at Dirt 5 on PS5 today where Dirt 5’s Technical Director David Springate talks about the features of Dirt 5 on PS5 which includes 120 fps mode for the TVs that supports it and how Dirt 5 takes advantage of the new features of the DualSence controller… Read More First Look At Dirt 5 On PS5

PlayStation Dropped A New Demon’s Souls Gameplay Trailer

PlayStation Dropped A New Demon’s Souls Gameplay Trailer, and it’s gorgeous! Demon’s Souls remake by Bluepoint Games really showcases the next-generation power on offer with the PS5! Do yourself a favor and watch the Demon’s Souls Gameplay Trailer #2 on your best and biggest screen, the screen you are going to play your PS5 on,… Read More PlayStation Dropped A New Demon’s Souls Gameplay Trailer


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