Monthly PS Plus Games April 2021


I know, I know, I’m very late with this update, even May’s Plus games are public knowledge by now but it’s still April at least, the last day of the month to be exact. Yeah, I have been busy but don’t worry I haven’t abandoned this site and plan to continue to update it.

But here are April’s PlayStation Plus games. First on the list is Sony Bend’s amazing 2019 release Days Gone for the PS4 owners as well. PS5 players already received it as a part of the PS Plus Collection.

Second game this month is Rebellion Development’s 2020 release Zombie Army 4: Dead War.

And last but not least is Oddworld Inhabitants’ brand new release exclusively for the PS5 players Oddworld Soulstorm!

There you go, I kept it very brief as being almost a month late with this update, but really didn’t want to skip a month.