PS5 Exclusive Returnal Released! And It’s Polarizing!


Arguably the first real next-generation PS5 exclusive that is not cross-generation or playable on any other is Returnal and it was released a few days ago in April 30th. I know Destruction AllStars is PS5 exclusive but I don’t think that game truly qualifies as a “real next-gen game”. If that’s the first one in your mind that’s fine, I won’t argue with that.

Returnal was critically claimed by the critics sitting at 86 on Metacritic as of writing this article but is polarizing between the players it seems and the user score reflects that with 7.4 at the moment. The game’s rogue-lite gameplay loop clearly isn’t for everyone nor it should be. I think the biggest issue is that it didn’t come out with its marketing material what game is really about.

I haven’t got a chance to play it myself yet but I love how the game looks, sounds and the atmosphere is excellent I notice after watching a little bit of actual gameplay by somebody. I have to admit that the rogue-lite or even rogue-like gameplay elements make me a little lukewarm about it. If not sooner I play it when it inevitably comes to PlayStation Plus, and I have this feeling it’s going to happen rather sooner than later.

Below is the Return – The Tide launch trailer!