Horizon: Forbidden West Delayed To 2022?


Rumors about Guerilla Games’ next epic Horizon: Forbidden West moving to early 2022 have been confirmed by recognized industry insider Jason Schreier. You can see a screenshot of his tweet about it below.

Image of Jason Schreier's tweet about Horizon Forbidden West delay.

Someone also challenged him and asked for clarification about the delay and Jason simply put it “I’m telling you it’s decided and delayed”. I don’t think he put his reputation on the line if this wasn’t a sure thing. Meaning, sadly Aloy’s new adventure really is delayed to early 2022. Keep in mind though, nothing’s 100% until Sony themselves confirms this and I think we will get that confirmation in the rumored September’s PlayStation even or State of Play of some sort.

You can see the Jason’s reply tweet below.

Image of Jason's reply tweet to clarify the certainty of the delay.