Monthly PS Plus Games May 2021


This month there are two games with PlayStation Plus for the PS4 players and one exclusively for the PS5 players. All three naturally are playable on PS5.

Let’s start with the World War II PS4 multiplayer shooter Battlefield V developed by EA DICE and published by Electronic Arts. Originally released in 2018.

The second game of May for the PS4 is a survival game Stranded Deep developed and published by Beam Team Games, Fun Labs, and Beam Team IP Pty. Ltd. Originally released in 2015.

The third game and the one for the PS5 there is Bugbear Entertainment developed and THQ Nordic published demolition derby-style racing game Wreckfest’s brand new PS5 version which is renamed as Wreckfest: Drive Hard. Die Last. Wreckfest was originally released back in 2014 as an Early Access game on Steam and was known back then as Next Car Game.

One could say this month’s offerings are a little on the weak side but personally for me the Wreckfest’s PS5 version makes me happy.