14 Minutes Of Horizon Forbidden West


We finally got proper gameplay footage from the upcoming PlayStation exclusive Horizon Forbidden West! Yes, this game will release on both PS4 and PS5 presumably sometime later this year.

It’s a little bit worrying though we didn’t get an actual release date or even window besides the 14 minutes of gameplay running on PS5 which was a mix of both actual gameplay and cinematics.

The video was after the fact uploaded to the PlayStation Youtube channel in full 4K resolution or 2160p if you will. It seems the game was running at 30 fps on PS5 which is a little bit worrying that the game won’t have a performance mode running at 60 fps. I hope I’m wrong on that. I don’t think 30 fps is ideal when lots of gamers on consoles have had a taste of that delicious 60 fps or even 120 fps gaming! Going back to 30 fps will be a very jarring experience, no matter how good it looks, and oh boy does it look good?!

You can check the 14 minute showcase down below if you missed or just want to watch it again.