PlayStation Home Is Making A Comeback?


Sony has updated its PlayStation Home trademarks hinting some sort of return of the PlayStation Home. The fully 3D explorable hub-world on the PlayStaton 3 where PS3 users could interact with other PS3 users.

The rumor goes that it would be something to do with the upcoming PS VR 2 for the PS5 in the future. And it could actually have VR features for sure. We here on PSFAN.NET though hope it’s not exclusive to any virtual reality headset that would limit its appeal for a wider audience.

If Sony wants to make it super popular how they tried with the PS3 back in the day it has to be available for every single PS5 owner. Maybe even PS4. On the other hand, though we wish it would for the next-gen only to be able to take full advantage of the new features and technology.

We’ll see you in Home. Hopefully.