Monthly PS Plus Games August 2021

This month’s game with PlayStation Plus (August 2021) are as follows.

First, we have a new multiplayer game making its debut on a console for both PS4 and PS5 players Hunter’s Arena: Legends was developed and published by Mantisco first released in 2020. Even though this is pretty lackluster month for PS Plus game this one definitely is worth testing out.

Second, we have Plants vs. Zombies: Battle for Neighborville for the PS4 and of course playable on PS5 as well. First released in 2019, developed by PopCap Games, Qloc, and published by Electronic Arts.

Last but not least we have a sports game which is probably where the most people’s disappointment comes from but some people actually might be thrilled about the tennis game. Of course, we are talking about Tennis World Tour 2 for the PS4 and it’s if course playable on PS5 as well. First released in 2018. Developed by Breakpoint and published by Nacon and Bigben Interactive.

Let’s hope the next month will please more people. Trailer down below if you want to check them out!