PSFAN.NET’s PS4 To PS5 Upgrade Chart

We have noticed there are lots of confusion about the upgrades of the PS4 versions of the some games to PS5 version. We put together this handy chart we will be updating as new information becomes available.

Notice that some games, we don’t know how many at this point, will NOT carry over your progress when moving on from PS4 to PS5! Couple of examples of that are Dirt 5, Maneater and Yakuza: Like A Dragon. We assume that if you play your PS4 copy on PS5 via backwards compatibility your save files will work just fine. Yeah, it’s confusing and actually little bit perplexing that trivial feature like making your save game available after upgrade isn’t just given.

Below you can find Excel spreadsheet of the games and their frame-rates, resolution and upgrade path. Yes, an actual spreadsheet we’ll keep updating. So, bookmark this page and share it to your friends!

Open PSFAN.NET’s PS4 to PS5 Upgrade Chart


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