PS5 Is Now Out Worldwide!

Today the November 19th PS5 launches here in Europe and the rest of the world that wasn’t includes last week’s launch on 12th. Now we can celebrate because nobody no longer waits because of Sony’s artifical later date in Europe.

Yes, we actually critisze Sony little bit here for such a decision in this day and age. What makes matters worse is that our retailer who we secured our unit from confirmed they had our unit in their warehouse on 12th, just weren’t allowed to release it until today, the 19th. That’s just asenine to us!

After all that suffering it’s out here now. We will receive our unit later today and will be playing some games. Not all of them because we have to actually buy ours, so, we cannot afford them all. We will post our thoughts here on our site and on our Youtube channel as well as our social media accounts. Stay tuned and happy playing with your PS5 for those few people in the world who got their from this frist batch!