PS5 Is Amazing, Real Next-Gen Gaming Experience

Now that I have been able to enjoy five days or so with the PS5 I’m going to share my experience and feelings about it. This is not a review per se, that’s why I didn’t call it one on the title of this article. There are plenty of “reviews” on the Internet about it already. This is just one man’s thoughts.

Don’t skip Astro’s Playroom!

First of all. Do NOT skip Astro’s Playroom! It’s an amazing experience and one of the very few real next-gen experiences the system has on offer right now. You don’t even have an excuse because it comes for free pre-installed on your PS5.

Astro’s Playroom may not be the next-gen graphical powerhouse but it looks sharp, plays at smooth and stable 60 fps, just the way we like it here on PSFAN.NET. It’s an homage to early 3D platformers from the mid-1990s and a real nostalgia trip for any PlayStation fan!

It takes full advantage of the new DualSense controller and its new next-gen features like haptic feedback. You can feel every grain of sand under the Astrobot’s feet when you run through Cooling Springs’ beaches or skate on icy bodies. The game also makes use of the DualSense’s adaptive triggers in a variety of ways from simulating spring load densities or rumbling when you firing a minigun.

This is also a fairly easy Platinum Trophy to add to your collection but the ridiculously easy one you may want to avoid! I got it and I don’t usually bother. This one is also one that you get only after you have seen everything you really want to see! If you are life long PlayStation like we here PSFANNET are.

Everything wasn’t perfect

It’s not anything new or surprising that when new mass-produced consumer electronics launch there will be issues and faulty units. Hopefully, very small percentage of sold units have issues but there will be some.

I had some issues too. Not anything that would affect the playability of any games of sorts but I had troubles ejecting one of my 4K UltraHD Blu-ray movie discs from the PS5’s Blu-ray drive.

After spending one night in my retailer’s hands before sending it to Sony for repairs they somehow were able to eject the disc from the PS5 without opening the system up. Let’s remember I tried over 30 minutes to eject the disc myself without luck and they got it out with the first try. It probably somehow fixed itself caused by the rattles when I took it to them. I really hope it doesn’t happen again and if so, then I make sure it goes in for actual repairs.

It’s an amazing experience

My first few days with the PS5 system has been amazing. I enjoyed Platinuming Astro’s Playroom. I have played Days Gone for the first time from the PS Plus Collection and it runs flawlessly 60 fps on PS5, it’s a PS4 game running on backward compatibility mode after all! I also have been playing the actual PS5 version of the Mortal Kombat 11 Ultimate and I love how fast it loads! That’s how fighting games should work aka more time spent fighting than on loading screens which haven’t been always the case in the last couple of decades. I also tried a little Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales but didn’t really have the time to play it yet. Took a couple of photos in photo mode, which is amazing! It also lets you choose between smooth and stable 60 fps or fidelity mode that feature ray tracing in form of reflections!

PS5 itself is amazing, my unit has this coil whining, which can be somewhat annoying and if I recall correctly my Xbox One S made the same kind of noise and I wondered what it was and now looking back it was coil whine. I don’t have that unit anymore but I remember it having that same noise that is NOT fan noise. Thank goodness it’s not the high pitch whine I have had in some PC GPUs over the years. Other than that PS5 amazingly quiet except when it spins up the optical disc but that isn’t very loud either and doesn’t happen very often or never if you have the digital edition of the console or just buy content digitally.

DualSense Is Where It’s At

I will close this feature article with the praise of DualSense aka DualShock 5 PS5 controller. It’s an amazing controller that brings real next-gen features to the table with its awesome haptic feedback and adaptive triggers! It’s one of those things you just have to experience yourself to understand, like VR for example. I can’t wait for what Sony and PlayStation will bring to the table with the next-gen VR for the PS5! Hopefully wireless one without any screen-door effect.

I have one negative thing to say about the DualSense though but it doesn’t affect a very large portion of players. I think the DS4 d-pad and face buttons are better, especially for the fighting games. They are a little bit bigger on DualShock 4, yes, both the d-pad and face buttons.

Also, the d-pad has a little bit better-feeling feedback on DS4 and the face buttons are more responsive on DS4 and on all older PlayStation controllers for that matter. The thing I have always loved about them.

Some people may experience that “bad build quality” but it made the buttons more responsive to push repeatedly, which is extremely important in some games. Now those buttons are stiffer, sure they feel more premium but they are less responsive as the result. Also, they are on a slope for the first time, again that made it worse for the fighting games. All previous PS controllers have face buttons on a flat plane.

If you feel that means nothing to you there’s no problem whatsoever! Otherwise, DualSense is the best controller ever made and for most people, it’s the best controller ever made on every yardstick! I just wish I could use DS4 in fighting games on PS5. Please, Sony!

PS5 aka PlayStation 5 gets huge thumbs up from PSFANNET! Let’s have an awesome generation of gaming ahead of us!