Astro’s Playroom Is 4-5 Hours Long Experience


Sony’s has shed a light to Astro’s Playroom, the cute little paltforming game featuring Astrobots that were first introduced back in 2013 with the PS4 to introduce the features of the PS4 camera and DualShock 4 controller. Astro’s Playroom kind of follows in those footsteps and is meant to make you familiar with the PS5’s new controller the DualSense but is also fully fledged platform game that will keep you busy up to five hourse if you don’t have anything else to play on your PS5 when you get it.

There will four worlds to explore: Coolng Resort, GPU Jungle, SSD Speedway and Memory Sky. Actually interesting names if you are into tech that is and it’s clearly inspired by the PS5’s key features: Cooling, GPU, SSD and Memory. There will also be a time attack mode and and online ranking and probably a Platinum Trophy for you to snatch which is even more encouraged now with the new trophy points system that’ll make platinums worth more. You can read our piece about that if you missed it.

You can watch Astor’s Playroom trailer down below and actual gameplay by the Japanese Famitsu.


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