Sony Is Revamping The Trophy Leveling System


The official PlayStation twitter account announced yesterday the are revamping the trophy leveling system. You can see the tweet below.

The official PlayStation tweet about revamping the trophy leveling system.
The official PlayStation tweet

The main take away from the blog post was that the leveling system will change from 1-100 to 1-999. That is basically meaning you’ll be earning levels faster and let’s say if you are currently at level 12 after this revamp you’ll be at somewhere low 200s depending on your grades and number of trophies you might have earned. Platinum trophies are set to be even more valuable than before.

The picture that shows the new leveling tiers for the trophy system. Bronze level is 1-99, Silver 300-599 gold 600-998 and Platinum is reserved for the level 999.
The new level tier system for the trophies!

If you want to read full details you can do so on PlayStation Blog.


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