Ghost of Tsushima: Legends Update Release Date And New Game+ Details

Sucker Punch Productions’s Samurai epic of Mongol invasion to Japan was released only July this year and it’s now getting a big free update called Legends and it’s coming out October 16th, in just ten days and it’ll feature a multiplayer component, new game+ and no microtransactions.

Main screen showing New Game+ option
Main screen showing New Game+ option

Let’s take a detailed look what the update includes. After you have downloaded the Version 1.1 patch you can download the free unlock for Legends update. Lots of this is directly quoted from the PlayStation Blog.

We here on PSFAN.NET hope Ghost Tsushima receives a proper PS5 version in the near future, hopefully without an extra cost for the previous owners. Of course if they can justify paid upgrade then it’s no problem either.

  • Two-player story missions
    • Ghost of Tsushima: Legends Story Missions are designed for two players, and take you through Gyozen’s stories about what’s really happening in Tsushima. When you unlock higher difficulties, you’ll face new encounters, tougher enemies, bonus objectives, and greater rewards.
  • Four-player survival missions
    • In Survival, you can team up with three other players to fight off waves of enemies while defending different locations in Tsushima. You and your team can activate blessings to help yourselves, like “ignite enemies” or “summon a Spirit Bear.” The longer you survive and the more bonus objectives you complete, the more rewards you’ll earn!
  • Raid that will become available in few weeks after the launch
    • You’ll need all your skill, top-tier gear, and a great 4-player team to be able to survive in Iyo’s realm! The Raid is an epic three-part adventure that will require excellent teamwork and communication to overcome. It will be released in the weeks following the launch of Ghost of Tsushima: Legends.
  • New characters in towns… Gyozen the Storyteller
Gyozen the Storyteller
Gyozen the Storyteller
  • Four classes you’ll able to pick
    • Samurai
      • Samurai players can run straight toward combat and stay there, sustaining their health while chopping enemies down left and right. When you’re overwhelmed, use the Hachiman’s Fury ultimate attack to slash through enemies in a flurry of strikes.
    • Hunter
      • As a Hunter, you can stand on the edge of combat and snipe enemies before they even see you. You can also use explosive arrows to slow down groups, and when the combat gets really fierce, the Eye of Uchitsune ultimate attack will unleash multiple arrows straight at your enemies’ heads.
    • Ronin
      • Ronin players can revive their entire team with the Breath of Izanami ultimate ability. You might play Ronin because you want to help your human friends… or you might do it because the Ronin class is also able to summon a Spirit Dog. (And yes, you can ABSOLUTELY pet your Spirit Dog!)
    • Assassin
      • If you prefer doing massive damage with a single attack, you’ll love the Assassin. The Shadow Strike ultimate attack will allow you to teleport across the battlefield and directly strike your enemies. If that’s not intimidating enough, wait until you see the terrifying masks the Assassin gets to wear!
  • Photo mode is still there and you’ll be able to show off your new gear
  • New Game+
    • From the release to the open world, shortly after Jin’s initial confrontation with the Khan.
    • You’ll keep all of the Techniques, Gear, and Vanity items obtained in a previous playthrough.
    • Difficulty will be increased to provide a new challenge (but you can still adjust it down in the menu).
    • Brand new New Game+ horse, which features a vibrant red mane and unique saddle.
    • New, extremely powerful Charms
    • Some new Trophies for playing Ghost of Tsushima on New Game+, which will appear in a separate section of your Trophy list and do not count toward Ghost of Tsushima’s Platinum Trophy.
  • Ghost Flower Merchant
    • Exclusively in New Game+, you’ll be able to earn a new type of flower: the Ghost Flower.
    • The merchant will also offer an array of powerful new Charms intended to create new combat experiences, empower existing playstyles, and allow you to customize your experience for even greater challenges.
  • Other Features
    • Once you’ve installed version 1.1, you’ll now find the option to enable Armor Loadouts, which allow you to assign all Charms and vanity items to each armor set to quickly swap between loadouts to match your playstyle and roleplaying preferences.

Ghost of Tsushima: Legends version 1.1 trailer below for your viewing pleasure!

Also here’s the all new images or screenshots that was released from the Version 1.1 Legends update.

Source: PlayStation Blog


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