First Real Non-leaker PS5 Images Surfaces

As we know some Japanese Youtubers and media influencers got their hands-on time to actual PS5 and got to play Astro’s Playroom, Godfall and Devil May Cry V Special Edition.

That’s cool and all but we here PSFAN.NET are mostly interested to see the console itself in actual real photographs that are well lit and not just renders. For our surprise it’s more glossy from the black part than we expected and also the blue/white LED strip more subtle than the renders would have made one expect. That’s a good thing.

Also, DualSense the PS5’s controller got some light on it and it’ll feature a LED strip around the touch pad and thankfully the big light from the back of the controller is gone. It also shows which player you are by showing that many lights lit on the face of the controller. When the mic is muted the red LED will indicate that above the mic itself.

Lst but not least the impressions of the PS5’s noise level were positive and according to people who got time with the thing said they barely felt the warm air ejecting from the back of the console and hear the fan spinning after almost 1,5 hours of playing Godfall in the hot room at 30 degrees Celsius, that would be 86 degrees Fahrenheit.

Images by 4Gamer below.


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