Microsoft Bought Bethesda. What This Means To PS5?

So, apparently Microsoft has bought Zenimax/Bethesda as they announced today on their Twitter accounts like Xbox head Phil Spencer here. Price was 7.5 billion dollars. Yes, billion with a b.

Xbox Boss Phil Spencer tweets about acquiring Bethesda
Xbox Boss Phil Spencer tweets about acquiring Bethesda

Of course every PlayStation fan’s number one question is now, what this means to PS5 and Bethesda’s games appearing on PlayStation platform in the future?

First of all, every currently standing contracts like Death Loop’s console exclusivity for the PlayStation stands. Also, Microsoft has been very lenient about allowing their games to be on other platforms after acquisitions. Minecraft is a good example of that.

Admittedly we don’t know all the details yet when it comes to Bethesda’s upcoming games like Id Software’s Doom sequels or Bethesda Softworks’ next Elder Scrolls epic and Fallout series. Other well known popular titles from Bethesda are Wolfenstein games, Prey and Dishonored. Apparently this is huge win for the Microsoft no matter if you are playing Xbox or not. Nothing changes for PC gamers I would guess. Only thing that could change is that the PlayStation platform won’t get these games in the future, which of course is a bad thing and sad news.

Interestingly Phil says in his tweet “Excited how we’ll advance gaming together for players EVERYWHERE”! Let’s see if the PlayStation and PS5 is included in “everywhere”.

Stay tuned we’ll report more when they release details!


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