The Stand For The PS5 Will Be Included In The Box (updated)

Update: It’s been revealed that the stand included with all PS5 consoles is multipurpose one. Meaning you can configure it to support your PS5 either laying flat horizontally or standing up vertically. This is very good news because you don’t have to buy it separately no matter how you want to setup your PS5 any given day. New actual photos of the thing down below.

It was leaked by someone on Twitter yesterday what comes in the box with your brand spanking new PS5 video game console. And it turns out to be that one of items will be the stand or base like some would call it.

This is great news because if you seen or spent any amount of time looking at the PS5’s design language, it clearly cannot stand in any orientation comfortably without a stand or “base”.

It’s not clear at this point if the “base” is for horizontal or vertical mounting. I’d guess the stand included will be the horizontal one. So, they can still charge extra for the people who wants to put their PS5 standing vertically.

As you can see in this image here the PS5 is on top of a stand or base, if you will.

Usually this is only optional accessory exactly for the people who wants to stand up their systems. Well, there was an optional horizontal base for the PS2 back in the day. Sony smartly has included one with the PS5, this time around to safely set your PS5 on your entertainment center, because it clearly requires it.

Even though it’s not clear yet which one is in the box, prepare to pay extra for the vertical stand. Almost forgot to mention, yes, it’s included with both versions of the console. If they differ from one another remains to be seen.


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