Microsoft Confirmed The Xbox Series X Pricing And Release Date. Our Prediction For The PS5!

Microsoft just tweeted the confirmation of the Xbox Series X and Series S pricing and release dates. You can see the tweet below.

The official Xbox account's tweet.

Xbox Series X: $499 (ERP)
Xbox Series S: $299 (ERP)

Release date: Novmeber 10
Pre-order starts September 22
The official Xbox account’s tweet

As the leak yesterday said The Series X will be 499 dollars and the earlier confirmed Series S will be 299 dollars and will launch November 10th this year. Pre-orders will start September 22nd.

This leaves the sweet spot for the PS5 at 399 dollar price point. Maybe $399 for the Digital Edition and $449 or maybe if stretching it $499 the one with the optical disc drive. Release date will be either November 13th or 17th.

What ever it will be, now that the game of chicken ended between the two console manufacturers Sony will also reveal theirs soon enough.


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