Returnal Got Delayed!

Earlier this week Sony and Housemarque announced that the studio’s first AAA game rogue-like Returnal is delayed from March 19th all the way to April 30th. So, delay over a month. Not too bad sure but another game this day and age that couldn’t hit its originally announced release date.

This has become an unfortunate trend in the video games industry and it should go away. Of course in the end the delayed game will be better in the end than rushed the door game… Ehm, Cyberpunk 2077… Still, it’s pretty annoying to gamers who try to plan their schedules.

Also, it makes it sound a little bit incompetent developer or at least poor management. Please, don’t announce release dates before they are 100% solid. My confidence for Returnal dropped quite a bit because of this news. Be very cautious buying a delayed game, it’s a sign of development issues. You don’t need to pre-order video games. The only way not to get burned.