First Look At Dirt 5 On PS5

The official PlayStation channel uploaded the first look at Dirt 5 on PS5 today where Dirt 5’s Technical Director David Springate talks about the features of Dirt 5 on PS5 which includes 120 fps mode for the TVs that supports it and how Dirt 5 takes advantage of the new features of the DualSence controller and its haptic feedback and adaptive triggers. He also talks about the soundscape and the music of the Dirt 5 and how users can experience it utilizing the PS5’s Tempest Audio Engine.

You can watch the video below if you haven’t seen it yet or just want to watch it again! I personally cannot wait to experience this game on PS5 and decided to wait for the European PS5 launch and the game’s PS5 version instead of start playing it on PS4.

Here’s also the launch trailer!