Bad News For The MK11 Players

We hate to break this news to our readers but it has to be done. Let’s get right into it. Your Kombat Kard Stats will NOT carry over to the PS5 when you do you upgrade from the PS4.

Your gear pieces, krystals, and anything of that sort you have unlocked in the game will carry over. But just not your stats. Got to wonder about that, especially when those will carry over to the next-gen on the competition’s systems. Moving from Xbox One to Series S|X will carry those stats over. What’s the problem on PlayStation?

We have reached NetherRealm to elaborate on this and maybe even give the exact reasoning of this. We also hope this causes enough ruckus them to try harder. Imagine having an impressive online kareer in this game and being held moving to next-gen version because your stats won’t carry over! Yes, even if you upgrade your stats stay intact on PS4 version.

We have also updated our PS4 to PS5 Upgrade Chart once again. Fee free to share it.

You can find the official WB Games support page about this here.